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Robin’s reaction to Regina reading that letter from Rumpel: 

When had the light retreated from her heart? When had hope decided that it was a waste to exist for a person like Regina Mills? Robin would never believe that the Queen had been borne of evil, that the moment she first drew breath in this world, she was tainted. 

   No child came into life bereft of goodness. It was always taken away, by someone or something, over the course of many interminable years, or all at once with a great calamity to shatter the bones of their heart. 

   The tears that seemed afraid to grace her exquisite facade were genuine, he would never doubt that. She struggled to tell him that her only solace in life had been a letter, which was never about her to begin with. 

   Had no one ever told her that she was loved? Or had she known something good once, only to lose it? Her past was an infinite mystery to him, but he hoped that at least once in her life, she knew what it felt like to have love kiss her soul. He hoped those sad eyes had once known joy, because if they had, there was a chance she could remember, and allow her heart to break again; not with sorrow, but happiness. 

   He wanted her heart to break open so that hope knew it was wrong for abandoning her years ago, so that love and faith and kindness would have an unobstructed passage into her soul once again. He would do anything to make sure those things she more than deserved would take root. 

   It didn’t matter whom she loved, just that she let herself believe in the possibility again, that she knew she was worth more than a letter. 

    In Regina, he could see tragedies in her eyes, permanently strung there like stars in the sky. But even the terrible things in this life could fall away, could dim and fade, and usher in a kind of happiness so holy you ached to dream with it. 

   He would never stop believing she had this chance, this last chance, to be free.

   As Robin’s eyes fell softly upon her, the words he didn’t say aloud existed nonetheless in his heart: 

                           I won’t give up on you.

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OQ fic. 

Alright, y’all, I need some Outlaw Queen prompts, I wanna write this weekend. So send some my way, if you please. :3

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Outlaw Queen appreciation week
Day 3 - Favorite physical contact

Outlaw Queen appreciation week

Day 3 - Favorite physical contact

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No. More. Smoking. I can quit anytime. 

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: Daddies

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The best dad joke in film history. [via]

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